Older People Learning and Thinking – New Knowledge…..but Old Assumptions?

Seminar in the School of Computing: Next Week’s seminar on Wednesday 23rd at 12:00-13:00 in the Wolfson lecture theatre (Queen Mother Building) with Rosemary Anderson

Much of the thinking about the abilities of older people has changed considerably within the last 10 years, as a result of wider general research into the ageing process. This talk looks at some of these findings, with particular reference to mental capacity, flexibility, strategies  and other factors, and considers some possible implications for the development of new technologies. It is hoped that this will provide useful background information for your own work, and perhaps give you some new perspectives in this field.


Rosemary has been involved in teaching and learning for almost 40 years, dealing with children, students, teachers and, more recently, older learners. As a former lecturer/senior lecturer in Dundee College of Education and subsequently Northern College, she was engaged in teacher training, course development and assessment, research, administration, and management studies.

Following early retirement, she returned to previous interests in Psychology, and has been a tutor in Continuing Education at Dundee and St Andrews, dealing mainly with older age groups. Alongside this, she herself has been a learner/research ‘guinea pig’ in computer usage at the User Centre, Dundee, and has endeavoured to combine the insights gained from these experiences into her current talk.

Host: Marianne Dee


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