MDP Update

Hi Everyone.

1.I’ve put an e.mail subscription on the MDP blog to make it simple for you to keep up to date.

2.I have not yet copied the current student page across from the site yet as I am still waiting on final images or project descriptions/questions from: Sharyn, Summer, Lisa, Daniela, Qi and Nicola – can I get these by the end of tomorrow (Thursday) please.

3. Fraser and I have been looking at the timetable for MDP and think switching the Prototyping and Group Tutorial sessions in the next two weeks would make sense in terms of where you are with your projects. So next Monday will be group tutorials.

I’ve put you into three groups, which I’ve loosely called Healthcare, Community and Learning – but these will change and morph as time goes by, and you can move groups.

What I’d like you to do in preparation for Monday is prepare a tutorial agenda, which might include:

  • report on activities undertaken since last meeting
  • insights made
  • issues encountered
  • progress made and future plans
  • requests for specific information/advice

Bring your knowledge swatches and have your blogs updated to help communicate the work you have been doing.


Monday 7.2.11

9.30am Community: Linsey, Sarah, Sharyn, Pamela, Hao, Will

11.00am Healthcare: Maria, David, Daniella, Yan, Qi

1.30pm  Learning: Lisa, Jon, Ruth,  Bruno, Nicola, Summer

Any queries – give me a shout.



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