St Andrew’s University Medical Seminars

These may be of interest to some of your projects

Seminar Series 2011-2012
Medical and Biological Sciences Building, Seminar room 2, St Andrews University

Seminar Organiser: Gozde Ozakinci (go10)

Lecturer in health psychology

School of Medicine

University of St Andrews

North Haugh

St Andrews, Fife

KY16 9TF

Scotland, UK

Tel: ++ (44) (0) 1334 463 521

You’re all warmly invited to the seminars in the School of Medicine. Following the seminar, please join us for drinks (level 3 meeting room or café area)

16th February 2012, 4pm

Dr. Barry Gibson

Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology
Unit of Dental Public Health, School of Clinical Dentistry University of Sheffield

“Exploring illness communications: unpicking the impact of social structure on communicating health and illness”

Host: Gerry Humphris

1st March 2012, 4pm

Dr. Russell Viner

Professor of Adolescent Health UCL Institute of Child Health

“Adolescence and the social determinants of health: a lifecourse perspective”

Host: Candace Currie


Prof. Paul Cleary

Yale School of Public Health

“Measuring and assessing the effects of patient-centered care”

Host: Peter Donnelly

22nd March 2012, 4pm

Dr. Michelle Luciano

Department of Psychology University of Edinburgh

“Approaching dyslexia through behavioural and molecular genetic studies of normal reading”

Host: Silvia Paracchini

12th April 2012, 4pm

Prof. Nick Stone

NIHR Senior (Career Scientist) Research Fellow

“Can Raman spectroscopy have an impact on future minimally invasive clinical diagnostics?”

Host: Andrew Riches

3rd May 2012, 4pm

Prof. Annie Anderson

Public Health Nutrition University of Dundee

Host: Gozde Ozakinci

10th May 2012, 4pm

Prof. Charlotte Rees

University of Dundee

“Professionalism dilemma experienced by medical students at UK Schools: Results from an online survey”

Host: Anita Laidlaw


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