Leon Cruickshank lecture, Imagination, Lancaster

Paper  The Strength of Weak Ties Looks at networks – Imaginations research suggests that most people’s 15 closest ties are geographically and sociologically close, so although they are dependable, you don’t get any great flashes of inspiration.

Marc Tassoul Creative Facilitation – book from academic at TU Delft

Structure and Scaffolding: BBC North and Lancaster University

Voting with red and black dots shown under green light (you can’t tell the colour) so voting is anonymous, yet transparent.

“consulting at people, rather than with people”

Beyond the Castle consultations done on Saturday afternoon in Lancaster city centre rather than on a Tuesday afternoon in council premises and resulted in ‘an interactive co-design exhibition’. Created large cardboard boxes of ideas.

Second order knowledge exchange – helping people design their own tools.
Don’t create “Foolkits’ – where you prescriptively tell people what to do – but create recipes for creating toolkits to allow people to bring their own talents and expertise to bear.

Toolkits for workshop design and meeting design.

Personas – ask people to take on personas as they investigate spaces etc – ie man becomes small child etc.

Use fruit rather than chocolate biscuits and sweets at workshops.


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